Distance: 12.6m round trip | Climb: 1500ft | Surface: dirt, rock

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Norbeck Trail is a steep and sometimes rocky trail in the Black Elk Wilderness.   You can hike out and return on the same trail or you can follow Grizzly Bear Trail and Centennial to make a loop hike.


  • From Custer, take Highway 16A east for about 9 miles.
  • Turn left, on Highway 87, take the highway for 6 miles to Forest Service Rd 345 (Camp Remington Rd).
  • Turn right on 345 & turn left into Iron Creek Horse Camp.  The trailhead is accessible from the camp.

Reminder: To use this map on your route, make sure to download this gpx file into your favorite mapping app. in case you lose cellular connection.

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    Every time I was thinking “this is about a three-star trail”, I’d come around a corner and see some absolutely stunning vista. The lower end of the trail is pretty nondescript, especially as compared to some of the other trails in the area. The upper trail is actually a nice, challenging hike with some really gorgeous scenery.

    I was looking to make a loop from Norbeck to Grizzly Bear Creek Trail. I was going west on Norbeck (towards Black Elk Peak) and sailed right past the Grizzly trailhead. Going that direction, the trail just looks like a water bar. The trail marker is set several yards down the trail, so unless you happen to look back over your shoulder you probably won’t see it. To make matters worse, the sign at the junction of Norbeck and Black Elk Peak Trail (where you’ll probably be when you realize you’ve gone too far) is wrong. The sign should direct you back down Norbeck, but instead it directs you towards Sylvan Lake. Going back down Norbeck, the trailhead is really obvious. The junction is also very clear if you’re going from Grizzly to Norbeck, because Grizzly dead ends into Norbeck.

    Trail completion status: Completed
    How: Hiking
    Miles completed: 7.4
    Gender: Female
    Trail: Norbeck

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