Rimrock Trail

Distance: 6.3m round trip | Climb: 700ft | Surface: dirt

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This is a great trail to add to your Roughlock Falls experience for those looking for more exercise. The trail consists of two loops and has an overlap with Little Spearfish Trail. If you do this trail in a figure eight it will be approximately 8 miles. You will hike along Spearfish Creek into open meadows and wind through a forest of ponderosa, aspen & birch trees. You can catch views of the limestone canyon cliffs at several spots along the trail.


  • From Spearfish, take 14A turn right on FSR 222 (road to Roughlock).
  • Trailhead will be on your left approximately 4.7 miles from turn.

Reminder: To use this map on your route, make sure to download this gpx file into your favorite mapping app. in case you lose cellular connection.

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  1. 5

    Some are easy , mild and tough . Cool to hike under the forests. Beautiful to see god’s creative those forrest , rocks and many to see !

    Trail completion status: Completed
    How: Hiking
    Miles completed: 6.31
    Gender: Female
    Trail: Rimrock Trails

  2. 4

    Nice nature views on the trail with butterflies, flowers, birds and few deer. Lost track of the trail in few spots but nice moderate trail to run overall. Several good trails in the area so can rotate through them. Wish there were more trail markers along the route like there are on Big Hill system.

    Trail completion status: Completed
    How: Trail Running
    Miles completed: 10.2
    Gender: Male
    Trail: Rimrock Trails

  3. 3

    Hiked parts of this trail from different spots on Forest Rd 22

    Trail completion status: Not completed
    How: Hiking
    Miles completed: 3.4
    Gender: Female
    Trail: Rimrock Trails

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